If Eating Healthy Isn't Fun, You're Doing It Wrong

If Eating Healthy Isn't Fun, You're Doing It Wrong

3 Reasons You’re Crazy To Skip Core Work

Have you been skipping your core workouts?
If you are an athlete, weekend warrior or a desk jockey-- core workouts are crucial.
Yes, I said crucial. Why?
All movement is generated from your core-- whether you are running, picking up your baby nephew or even carrying groceries in from the car, your core is primary.
Here are 3 more reasons you:
1. Reduces & Eliminates Lower Back Pain
Core workouts help to strengthen not only your 6-pack muscles, rectus abdomins AND your lower back. A weak core is a common cause for low back pain. It also reduces the risk of low back pain in the future.
2. Improves posture

5 Healthy Ways To Handle Stress In A Crisis

Stress is often seen as a bad word in the corporate wellness realm, however stress has both positive and negative aspects.
Stress from exercise is actually what forces the body to get stronger, faster and more efficient. The same way we can look at stress in many areas of life, as a catalyst, it's easy to see the benefits.
However, when stress is continuous day in and day out-- it can act as degenerative function.
Continuous stress wears down our immune system and has negative long and short term effects on our bodies physical and mental activities.
How can you save yourself, especially during an ongoing crisis?
Great question-- let's dive into some applicable solutions you can use today.
1. Exercise

Workout From Home— Win At Social Distancing

We kicked off our YouTube channel earlier this week, which means you will get to access your favorite workouts all from home!
Access the YouTube channel here:
You'll find follow-along workouts and new ideas to incorporate into your routine today.
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A workout a day, keeps the sedentary monster away.
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We Tried The Row House

When it comes to rowing, even if you don't enjoy it you must admit it is a UNIQUE total body cardio workout.

3 Mindful Eating Tips You Can Do Today


3 Mindful Eating Tips You Can Do Today


Mindfulness isn’t a new buzz word however, it is more prevalent now than in previous years.


Mindfulness pertains to the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.


The benefits of mindful eating are:


Reduced stress

Weight loss

Better digestion

Less over-eating

Increased enjoyment 


Ready to give mindful eating a spin?


5 Ways To Improve Your Meditation Practice

5 Ways To Improve Your Meditation Practice
Meditation has been proven to strengthen the mind, reduce stress and help make habit change much smoother!
However, many people have trouble meditating in the beginning because it does require the concentration and patience to sit in silence.
With more distractions now, from social media, Netflix and increasing career demands, than ever before— there’s no surprise that meditation can be a BIG challenge to take on consistently.
Here are five ways you can upgrade your meditation practice right away.
1. Meditate at the same time daily.

Protect Yourself From Colds And Flu In The Office

If you are wondering how to protect yourself from colds and flu in the office— we’ve got you covered!
Even if you’ve encountered some people coughing and sneezing at work... today, it’s not too late to stay healthy.
First things first:
1. Wash your hands OFTEN.
It’s common knowledge to wash your hands before eating or after working in the yard but increasing this habit will slash your risk of catching a cold.
Let’s face it, hands are nifty germ carriers so, wash them frequently or use hand sanitizer as a last resort.
Especially in the gym, make sure you keep your hands clean and wipe down equipment before and after use.
2. Get that workout in regularly.