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The BEST Diets In 2022 AND What They ALL Have in Common

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 05 March 2022

Last week I went to a fitness conference and for the first time EVER, I actually attended more lecture workshops than exercise workshops!
My fitness friends would probably come to one conclusion unanimously...
My age is catching up with me, however I'd say that I was lured in by the amazing lecture titles!
There were some really great topics and titles, which you should I know because WELL, the title of this blog is very similar to one of the lectures I attended.
Anyone who's ever tried a "diet" knows that they typically don't work.... LONG term.
I had to know what was actually working.
It's time to redefine the term "diet" because it's not always just a fad. Diet actually describes our main eating patterns, that's that.
It's merely a word that encompasses how and what we eat regularly.
Are there ways to improve how you eat regularly, to help you look, feel and become a healthier version of you?
Absolutely YES. We can all say YES to that.
Here are the TOP 3 BEST diets as of 2022:
The Mediterranean Diet
Primarily consists of dark greens, vegetables, healthy fats like olive oil and feta, very little meat --mainly fish and an active lifestyle. Some people forget that in the Mediterranean Food Pyramid, activity is included on the first rung.
The DASH Diet
The DASH diet is high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It also includes low-fat dairy options as well as fish and poultry. Low sodium meals are promoted with this diet, while it discourages high-fat meat, sugars and packaged food.
The Flexitarian Diet 
This eating style actually tied with the DASH Diet in second place!
The Flexitarian Diet is mainly plant-based, incorporating a focus mostly on vegan and vegetarian meals but allows the flexibility to occasionally consume meat and dairy. 
These diets have been the TOP diets consistently for awhile now, long before 2022. I wonder why?
Do you know now what ALL of these diets have in common?
If you guessed vegetables, you guessed correctly but even more informative is to grasp that all of these diets are high in fiber, low in sugar and very whole foods focused.
That means that if you want your doctor's stamp of approval on your diet, aka. your daily eating style then begin to eat more fiber (gradually increase) and reduce processed foods.
Your results will surprise you. Make sure you keep us in the loop.
Have you ever tried one of these?


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