Striving For Perfection Is The Weakest Link

"Do your best, forget the rest."
Perfection is overrated and in actuality- unattainable.
Do you know anyone or anything that is 100% perfect? 
Therefore, your best is always WAY more than enough to push the needle forward on your intentions/ goals for 2022!
Right now I'm re-reading this book, Atomic Habits a by James Clear, and there’s a part in there where he talks about incremental improvements-- that blows my mind!

Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy Snacks might sound like an oxymoron to you if you're used to grabbing a bag of chips around 3pm every afternoon but there is hope for you yet!
Someone recently asked for healthy snacks and it reminded me that this is something many struggle with-- there are sometimes when you won't be able to have a full on nutrition dense, balanced meal but a healthy snack might be the bridge to get you home for something more substantial.
Here are some high-protein, healthy snack ideas you can mix and match or add your own flare:

What’s The BEST Anti-Aging Workout

What's the BEST Anti-Aging Workout?

How To Tap Into MORE Fitness & Health

How To Tap Into MORE Fitness & Health
There’s always more health available.
Did you know that “healthy” is a moving target?
The truth is that you are never “done” with getting fit, there’s always more fitness available.
If you’re wondering what I mean AND you are passionate about your health, keep reading.
Once you get consistent with your workouts and achieve your goals, you might be thinking, “welp, I’m all done.”
When in fact you just made even more health available. Once you increase your fitness level, you can do even more.
This means more flexibility and range of motion allows you to increase strength.
Just think about better form on your squats and push-ups!

My Favorite Weight Loss Hacks

My TOP favorite weight release hacks!
If you are trying to release excess weight from your body I have some tips for you today.

The Healthiest Diet Secret Ingredient

The Healthiest Diet Secret Ingredient

Which Workout Should I Do First: Strength Training or Cardio Workout?

Which workout should I do first?
One of life's great mysteries! Have you ever headed to the gym with a double workout planned, both cardio and weight training then found yourself stuck.
Thinking; "Which should I do first, my cardio or strength training workout?
If you have ever found yourself in this dilemma, you're not alone. This is probably one the fitness industry's most common questions in the history of time!

Counter Intuitive Health Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Counter Intuitive Health Hacks That Can Change Your Life-- 5 AMAZING takeaways you can put to use TODAY.
Health and wellness is sometimes counter-intuitive or mind boggling in nature.
If you are looking to increase you health and well-being, sometimes you’ll have to do something different.
Different meaning different than what you’ve been doing AND different than what everyone else is doing or even more bizarre—the OPPOSITE of the most obvious solution. This alone can work wonders!
If you’re confused—keep reading. 
Here are 4 Counterintuitive Health Hacks That Can Change Your Life:
Eating more food can help with weight loss.