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How To Upgrade Your Heart Health AND Change The World

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 21 February 2022

Healthier hearts work more efficiently in everyday life, which makes everything from taking in your groceries to climbing a flight of stairs way EASIER.
Ready to push the "EASY" button on your entire life and your heart health?
Heart disease is the number one killer in the world! However, simple lifestyle shifts can make a HUGE impact in your health.
Usually we bring all the exercise ideas you need to upgrade your health but you might be wondering, "what else can I do?"
Other than exercise, there are MANY other ways to increase your heart strength & health:

  1. Eat heart-healthy food (for heart healthy food strategies, check out this video)
  2. Avoid over-eating
  3. Find ways to reduce stress
  4. Cut out smoking

Which one are you going to put to the test?
Let us know how it goes & let's change the world together.


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