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Striving For Perfection Is The Weakest Link

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 12 January 2022

"Do your best, forget the rest."
Perfection is overrated and in actuality- unattainable.
Do you know anyone or anything that is 100% perfect? 
Therefore, your best is always WAY more than enough to push the needle forward on your intentions/ goals for 2022!
Right now I'm re-reading this book, Atomic Habits a by James Clear, and there’s a part in there where he talks about incremental improvements-- that blows my mind!
If you can get just 1% better each day this year, by the end of the year you’ll be 37 times better (stronger, healthier, more effective) than the previous year. 
Wow, right?!
I’m rooting for you and 1% a day (or most days) is better than aiming for perfection.
Consistency is easier when you have something to follow along with, right?!
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What area are you mastering little by little each day this year?


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