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"Falling" Into Your Routine

By lisa.klein - Posted on 26 September 2023

Welcome Fall! As we say goodbye to summer, the heat, vacations, extra hours of daylight, we can reflect on what our goals will be as we ''fall into'' the next season. What will you do to stay motivated? Will you try a new fitness class at the gym? Will you take more walks outside now that it's cooler. Will you take some hikes to see fall foilage? How about finally adding that meditation app to your phone and committing to using it? Will you log on to one of our virtual classes?
Stop into one of our on-site fitness centers and get back into the swing of your routine. Doing workouts at home certainly saves time on those extra busy days of meetings. Maybe you can vary your days and do some workouts from home and do some on-site. There are so many unmeasurables and intangibles of going to a gym- seeing your workout buddies and sharing a smile and a laugh, gym banter, catching up, a warm hug from someone you haven't seen in awhile... make a point to pick at least 2-3 days a week to workout on-site and ''fall'' back into your routine! We'll see you there!


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