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What’s The BEST Anti-Aging Workout

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 23 March 2021

What's the BEST Anti-Aging Workout?


It's the workout you didn't know you needed.


The cure for your stiff joints and tight lower back.

The reason you just can’t move “like you used to”.

Why you can’t touch your toes.


It’s mobility.


Mobility is often under-estimated because this type of workout isn’t going to leave you out of breath, sweating profusely or so sore you need a day off from exercise.


Typically it’s not a difficult huge expenditure of energy kind of workout.


However, it’s the workout that helps you get more out of all your other workouts.


Try this mobility workout to boost your fitness results across the board— strength, flexibility, power and cardio.


LSE Mobility Workout


With this mobility workout, you’ll keep moving and by the end— you won’t regret it.


How often should you incorporate a mobility workout like this or a yoga class?


Keep mobility workouts in the rotation at least 1-2 times a week for best results.


If you know anyone that’s been complaining about their jump, invite them to try this workout with you or on their own.


Then let us know how you feel in a couple months.


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