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How To Tap Into MORE Fitness & Health

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 08 March 2021

How To Tap Into MORE Fitness & Health
There’s always more health available.
Did you know that “healthy” is a moving target?
The truth is that you are never “done” with getting fit, there’s always more fitness available.
If you’re wondering what I mean AND you are passionate about your health, keep reading.
Once you get consistent with your workouts and achieve your goals, you might be thinking, “welp, I’m all done.”
When in fact you just made even more health available. Once you increase your fitness level, you can do even more.
This means more flexibility and range of motion allows you to increase strength.
Just think about better form on your squats and push-ups!
Of course then greater strength and muscle mass directly improves your body composition. We’ve all heard that the bigger the engine (aka. The muscle mass) the more active your metabolism.
Better body composition helps in numerous cardio and strength exercises, from sprinting to pull-ups, as your healthy muscle increases and body fat decreases you’ll become more efficient.
Okay, then what?
Then you keep expanding those areas. Expanding one area of your fitness components AUTOMATICALLY expands the others because they are inextricably linked.
More fitness. More health. More wellness.
This is great news for everyone from the novice exerciser to the pro because there is ALWAYS more health and fitness available.
Fitter is proven to be healthier and this is just one reason why!
To tap into more fitness at any level, keep mixing it up. As the old saying goes, “the best exercise is the one you’re not doing.”
How amazing is the body? 
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