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5 Ways To Stay Focused & Keep Making Progress While On Vacation

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 08 April 2022

Focus is a huge component of a healthy lifestyle.
If you can stay focused on the long term benefits of living a healthy lifestyle everyday, then even when you're on a break, you'll be able to tap back into why you started in the first place.
Immediate gratification is wired into our system so, it's not easy but it's definitely worth it to build this muscle alongside your physical body.
The course we are focusing on is: staying motion no matter what.
Here are 5 ways to STAY FOCUSED, no matter what delicious opportunities pop up calling you to skip a workout or a healthy meal.
1. Make a CLEAR plan for your workouts before you leave, so there's no guessing.
I don’t know about you but the clearest and most simple tasks on my “to-do” list always get done first. Clear, focused and simple goals are just easier to execute.
Whether you're just getting more steps in or heading the gym on vacation, even jotting down a few expected workouts and times on your schedule can help you feel more clear and commited.
Clarity breeds confidence and confidence is just a strong knowing. If you know what you're going to do for workouts and meals, the hard part is over and the guessing game is out the window.
2. Expect that you might get thrown off your plan & have a back-up plan.
For example, "I'm planning to use the on-site fitness center and pool but if the pool is closed, I can do an early hike instead".
This way you have insurance on your clear plan and you cannot be stopped.
3. Get a buddy to join you and make it a fun challenge
When I have a beach running buddy, it's fun to tackle one more mile on the boardwalk AND see who makes it to the finish line first. A little healthy competition is a huge motivator when we choose to see it that way.
If it's stressful, switch it up and make sure you incorporate exercises you can WIN.
4. Early bird gets the workout done.
The most consistent exercisers are morning exercisers-- this is a proven fact even when it's NOT vacation, 
Waking up early and exercising is literally one of the best habits you can cultivate in your lifetime. Once you do this for awhile, you'll never look back.
5. Make it a family affair
If you're on a solo trip, staying focused on yoru health goals on vacation might actually be easier. 
However, if you're with a group that doesn't like to be active you might plan some activities that are fun, enjoyable and active.
Bike rides, pool games, white water rafting and hikes are fun and calorie burning. Activity that's built in to your getaway is a perfect way to bask in the fitness you've already achieved. 
When it comes to exercise and eating healthy-- benefits increase over time and with continued consistency.
We hope some of these make it super simple to take your adventure from basic to bold for you and your people.
Which one is your favorite?


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