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How To Revive Your Home Workouts

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 02 December 2020

How to Revive Your Home Workouts... STAT.

Nothing revives home workouts or a boring workout routine like a LIVE class but we can't always make it to LIVE classes.


If you're anything like me, you LOVE the thrill and energy of being in a LIVE fitness class with other people who are going for it.


Too bad we can't take live classes along with us when we are traveling, at work or whenever we just can't make it because LIFE happens.

Fitness classes allow us to schedule time efficiently, focus on the exercise without having to plan anything ahead of time and let go while having a great time. 


Fitness classes are priceless, and even more so when you’ve missed them for a little while.


So if you are missing your LIVE workouts— no fear, there are amazing options that are so close to the real LIVE thing that you might end up preferring these workouts more than the in-person version.


4 Tips for bring the LIVE back to your home workouts:


  1. Attend a LIVE virtual workout at home.


There are many live virtual workout options to keep you engaged and feeling like you are a part of the live action. This way you get the benefit of scheduling your workout, adding to the live energy and avoid the temptation of taking a zillion breaks like you would on your own.


  1. Invite a friend to do planned workout together or separately at the same time.


Strength in numbers is real, even if it’s not in the same space. Call upon your friends that might also be missing live workouts— you could save a life in more ways than one. 


  1. Take advantage of a virtual personal training session.


Virtual personal training give you the chance to get important feedback on your form, personal goals and have accountability from someone with the expertise to help you get real results from all the work you are putting in. One plus one equals two and that’s a small group, LIVE with all the focus on helping you get better— sounds good, eh?


  1. Check out our YouTube channel and NEVER workout solo again.


Solo, home workouts require A LOT of focus and let’s face even with focus that can get old and boring real quick. You’ve got us at your finger tips so you don’t have to go it alone. Tell your brain it’s live and voila, your workout is happening NOW and you’ve got a crew with you right at your fingertips. Schedule it and select a workout here.


Feel free to share. Leave us a comment, have fun and never let something as minuscule as your location stop you from being as healthy as you can be!




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