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3 Reasons You’re Crazy To Skip Core Work

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 30 May 2020

Have you been skipping your core workouts?
If you are an athlete, weekend warrior or a desk jockey-- core workouts are crucial.
Yes, I said crucial. Why?
All movement is generated from your core-- whether you are running, picking up your baby nephew or even carrying groceries in from the car, your core is primary.
Here are 3 more reasons you:
1. Reduces & Eliminates Lower Back Pain
Core workouts help to strengthen not only your 6-pack muscles, rectus abdomins AND your lower back. A weak core is a common cause for low back pain. It also reduces the risk of low back pain in the future.
2. Improves posture
Let's be honest, nobody wants to have a haunch back. Core work helps to support the front and back of the body --ultimately improves your posture overtime. What muscles help your body stay erect? Core!
3. Prevents Injuries
Including 2-3 core workouts per week will help you to prevent injuries, especially during sports and other unpredictable exercise. Your core muscles act as your internal girdle. Almost like a compression sock for your torso, on the inside!
Check out this core workout, as well as a library of multiple workouts on our YouTube channel at
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