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Heart Rate Monitors

I had a friend ask me this weekend about heart rate monitors. She just started using one and mentioned that it beeps at what the monitor considers her top number in her heart rate range but feels like she isn't exercising at her peak at that point. I told her that she was probably more fit than what the heart rate monitor's range was for women her age. This is good information for those of us who use one to remember that we enter our data such as sex, age, height, weight and the monitor will calulate what our training zones are based on this and where the average participant would be. Often times, however, a person who has been working out for years and is very fit will be able to comfortably go beyond that top number and be able to benefit from doing so. Remember that the monitor is just another tool and the best tool is our own perceived exertion. We may have to adjust those ranges based on our fitness level.

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training continues to be the rage in the fitness arena. The concept, which is well supported by research, is that during your workout your body naturally has intervals of peaks and valleys, since it cannot sustain high intensity for long durations. Longer duration workouts require endurance, which is often done at lower intensity to be able to sustain the duration.

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