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High Intensity Interval Training

By lisa.klein - Posted on 19 April 2013

High Intensity Interval Training continues to be the rage in the fitness arena. The concept, which is well supported by research, is that during your workout your body naturally has intervals of peaks and valleys, since it cannot sustain high intensity for long durations. Longer duration workouts require endurance, which is often done at lower intensity to be able to sustain the duration.
To maximize training results during high intensity intervals, you should aim to get your heart rate up to your higher end of your training zone. If you aren't using a heart rate monitor, measure it through the talk and breathing test. If you can only speak in phrases and feel like you are breathless and gasping, you are there. You should only be able to sustain this ''peak'' for about 30-60 seconds. During the ''valley'' or active recovery after this short interval, focus on doing something that is a recovery for your heart rate, but not necessarily for your muscles. For example, if you are on a bike or treadmill, bike or run fast for 30-60 seconds, then turn up the resistance for the next 30-60 seconds and go slower. Continue this for several intervals and experiment with adding weights or functional training movements during the ''valleys''. Movements such as squats, walking lunges, push-ups, or similar movements will do the trick. If you incorporate some of these training tips into your workout routine, you will achieve results of maximizing your metabolism, raising your lactate threshold, burning fat and calories, and assisting your weight loss efforts. So the next time you're looking for a new workout, ''Go Hard and Go Home!"

Battling ropes is also a good way for interval training .


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