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Workout From Home— Win At Social Distancing

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 25 March 2020

We kicked off our YouTube channel earlier this week, which means you will get to access your favorite workouts all from home!
Access the YouTube channel here:
You'll find follow-along workouts and new ideas to incorporate into your routine today.
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A workout a day, keeps the sedentary monster away.
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Stress is often seen as a bad word in the corporate wellness realm, however stress has both positive and negative aspects.
Stress from exercise is actually what forces the body to get stronger, faster and more efficient. The same way we can look at stress in many areas of life, as a catalyst, it's easy to see the benefits.
However, when stress is continuous day in and day out-- it can act as degenerative function.
Continuous stress wears down our immune system and has negative long and short term effects on our bodies physical and mental activities.
How can you save yourself, especially during an ongoing crisis?
Great question-- let's dive into some applicable solutions you can use today.
1. Exercise
Physical exercise naturally turns off the body's stress response. Think about cardio exercise such as walking, running, playing a sport but also include weight lifting, yoga and gardening.
2. Meditation
Meditation is like a vacation for your brain. Your brain is typically bombarded with thoughts, worries, to-do lists and planning during waking and sometimes even sleeping time. How can you give it a much needed rest? By allowing your mind the freedom from focusing on the thoughts through meditation. You will still have thoughts,especially in the beginning but you will quickly learn to allow the thoughts to come and go while resting your mind.
3. Sensory Awareness Exercise
This is a lot like meditation but also includes breathing exercise and intense focus on other basic functions like intentionally relaxing specific areas of the body. We just loaded a guided sensory awareness exercise session to our YouTube channel.
You can check it out at along wth many other workouts you can do safely from the comfort of your own home.
4. Journaling
Writing is something that some people love and others hate after too many bad memories from high school English class however, the truth is is that it is creative-- this allows you to release pent up energy fairly easily. 
Journaling is highly under estimated as a stress reliever, don't believe us? Try it out. 
5. Create something
Create something, ANYTHING! As kids, we knew that activity was important without anyone telling us. We ran, we played, we colored and we made sand castles-- this is the best way to funnel ideas. Sometimes you have to yourself to create anything so you don't get too bogged down by your result. It doesn't matter if it turns out ugly-- creating for the sake of stress therapy works wonders for the brain and body.
There you go-- we won't hold you up.
Did we leave out one of your favorite ways to release stress in times of crisis?
If so, we'd love to know. Leave us a comment and share this article with friends. Sharing is caring.


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