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We Tried The Row House

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 29 July 2019

When it comes to rowing, even if you don't enjoy it you must admit it is a UNIQUE total body cardio workout.


The rowing machine is defintiely one of the top rated pieces of cardio equipment in the gym, making it hard to compare to anything else in the aspect that you will work your ENTIRE body.


Throw said rowing machine into a group setting with intervals and sometimes other equipment, it's a lot more fun than your traditional cycling class.


Last week the LSE team tested out the new Row House in Short Pump-- we found it to be a nice change of pace from other classes.


We didn’t know what to expect heading into the class other than knowing we would be working for forty-five minutes but we all left with smiles (and sweat) on our faces.


Main takeaway: We never got bored because we were too busy competing against ourselves during the intervals-- doing better than the last set and focused on the total body engagement in rowing just has you feel like you got an amazing workout.


It’s always fun taking class alongside teammates, especially with all the fun lighting, music and motivating instructions which definitely make it more enjoyable than hopping on the rowing machine solo.


What Richmond workout should we try next?


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