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Top 5 Fitness Tips for Beginners

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 31 December 2018

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Beginners
These are our top FIVE tips for beginners or anyone revamping their fitness goals any time of the year.
When you first learn to ride your bike OR drive a car- it's the hardest.
However, these tips will make your fresh start a smooth one.
1. Have a plan connected to a bigger, inspiring vision.
It's so important to plan ahead what you will be doing daily to help you get closer to your BIG goal. The more inspiring the ultimate goal, the more inspired you'll be to do the daily actions.
Most often, we choose the same tired goals of losing 15 pounds or giving up sweets without tying it to a desireable outcome. It's shocking how often this traps people into missing their goals repeatedly while trying every diet under the sun.
Something more inspiring might be to do a difficult hike with your spouse, complete your first 10k or even improve your running pace-- these are bigger goals that can easily be broken into daily practices that will make you feel accomplished after each task, as well as in the completion.
2. Consistently make it fun.
Enjoying yourself is life. When we are bogged down by trying to achieve a number on the scale or beating ourselves up for eating cake we are not having fun being healthy. Once you have a plan in place-- make sure you inject some fun regularly!
A big mistake people make along their health and wellness journey is to treat it like punishment or like a chore, however this is a trap for failure.
Is there a workout you've wanted to try? 
How about a healthy food cook book or class you have been eyeing for awhile?
As health and wellness becomes more mainstream and available to more people, there are more and more opportunities to test out ways to increase the fun factor in your healthy lifestyle.
Have the goal of enjoying your healthier lifestyle and this tip is easy to implement right away.
3. Connect with other health conscious people.
Recruit your best friend to join you with making over your physical fitness.
Accountability is great, especially with other people who have similar goals!
When you are around others with similar goals, they understand the importance of all the tips above and they can hold you accountable.
This becomes more important as you and your lifestyle transform.
You might not want to go to happy hour-- you just might prefer to go for a swim with your new friends instead. 
Make a plan to meet the healthy connections when you join the walking group, go to the fitness center at work or check out that cooking class.
This is another easy way to set yourself up for success and enjoyment.
4. Keep your workouts and nourishment refreshed.
Usually you will have to change your workouts and meal ideas every 6-12 weeks so that you don't get bored.
It's important to stay tuned into when you are getting used to your routine so you can change things up before you get bored.
Learning new ways to workout, prepare food, and stick to your big goals is just as important as starting, Many people give up because walking on the treadmill every day is just boring after a few weeks.
5. Be the cheerleader you always new you were.
There will be days when you get up early or even go workout in the evening when you REALLY do not feel like it... one. bit! These will be the workouts that help you the most. These workouts will bring out your inner cheerleader of YOU.
Consistency is key. Your cheerleader holds that key on those rainy days when nobody is looking.
Remember, in the begining is when it's the hardest. While you are still battling your old habits and the new ones feel soo UNCOMFORTABLE and difficult. Just like when you first learned to ride your bike, it will take awhile to feel NATURAL.
Once your regular, consistent exercise regime feels natural and ALMOST comfortable-- you will have to refresh it again.
However, as your own cheerleader-- you can make it through all the reasons you don't want to eat healthy, go to bed on time or exercise. 
Connect your cheerleader with your BIG, inspiring goals from tip #1!
I think you are ready to hit the ground running on your new FITTER journey! Share this with your best friend or accountability buddy so they can keep up with you. 


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