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Resolutions for the New Year

By lisa.klein - Posted on 14 January 2016

Welcome 2016! What have you resolved to do this year to be healthier and more fit? Many times we choose resolutions that are large and lofty and designed to fail. Have you been setting the same goals year after year only to become frustrated when you don't achieve them? We often set a goal that isn't doable because it involves such wide sweeping change that is overwhelming. A better solution is to start small, achieve success and then set an additional goal after you achieve the first. You can start with something doable such as walking twice a week. Achieve it and then add a third day. Then add a yoga or spinning class or short run to the goal and continue on from there. Another example would be to set a goal to eat 2 servings of vegetables a day. Achieve it and then up it to three, then four... Another doable goal would be to shut your phone, computer and all technology off for 20 minutes a day to mentally decompress. Once you reach that goal, make it an hour and continue to set the next goal from there. More is not necessarily better if it always results in dropping the goal before you even reach month two of the year. Make 2016 the year that you achieve a reasonable healthy goal!


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