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How to Curb Sugar Cravings and Stay Healthy All Year Long

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 13 December 2018

No, you're not alone-- having a sweet tooth is quite common.
Research shows that the average American eats 156 pounds of sugar a year!
Curbing sugar cravings can be especially tough around the holidays-- when our most favorite sweet treats are available in abundance.
At home, in the office, festive parties and gatherings around holiday season usually bombard us with increased opportunies to consume our beloved sweet treats like delicious cookies and cakes amidst hot chocolate and egg nog.
Oh my.
Sugar is sweet on the lips but not so nice to the rest of our body when taken in large quantities.
High sugar intake is directly linked to obesity, negatively affects blood pressure and impacts heart disease.
Even though most people are not fully aware of just how much this affects their overall well-being, most of us know that reducing sugar can boost our overal health and cognitive abiliies.
While we are not endorsing the keto diet here in this article, we DO have you covered with 3 easy ways to curb your sugar cravings now!
1. Out of sight, out of mind.
Get the sweets out of your sight. Share the pound cake that your neighbor gifted you this morning with your co-workers. If you just can't bring yourself to share or re-gift that delicious, buttery goodness, consider freezing a portion of it so that you don't eat it all at once. Most holiday treats freeze well.
You will be less likely to indulge if you don't see them lying around, tempting you.
2. Distract yourself.
Usually when we are enjoying Christmas movies on Lifetime or snuggled up on the couch Netflix binging because it's cold outside, we end up snacking.... on that caramel corn from Aunt Gayle.
Instead of giving in, try getting active. When you're moving-- say playing a game with the family or doing some New Year's cleaning, you'll be less likely to double fist your way through that ginormous tin of popcorn.
When we are busy, actively entertained or moving-- we naturally think about food less. Tried and true!
3. Eat fruit.
Whether or not natural sugar is debatable but the truth is that you get a lot more nutrition when you eat the apples than the apple pie. Fruit comes with the water content, fiber and micro-nutrients that our bodies can really use while you will normally get a lot more sugar in the baked treats.
So next time you are about to head out to that Christmas party, have a healthy snack made with your favorite fruit topped with cottage cheese or a smear of almond butter.
The more you make the decision to stay healthy, the easier it is to make those decisions. Just like your endurance workouts-- will power is increased when we work it!
What is your most effective way to keep your sweet tooth in check?


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