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Functional Fitness in Corporate Settings

By lisa.klein - Posted on 21 May 2013

With the surge in functional fitness training over the past 5-8 years, many corporations are finding it more financially feasible to be able to offer fitness to it's employees through the use of fitness equipment that is more functional versus the standard one piece of equipment per body part. There are a number of options available, including the use of bands, bosu's, resistance balls, body bars, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, TRX straps, battling ropes, boxing bags, and the larger multi-station functional equipment pieces. Many of these pieces of equipment can save space as well as dollars in planning an on-site corporate fitness center. When coupled with the right staff, such as LSE Health and Wellness fitness trainers, who all have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a health and fitness related field and certifications from nationally recognized organizations, the options are limitless. In addition, our staff provide group classes, partner training, and small group training including all of these options, plus the traditional yoga, boot camp, group cycling, running and walking groups. Corporate fitness management makes good sense in terms of morale, productivity, and increasing the overall health and wellness of a workplace. Now, thanks to all the equipment options and training methods, starting an on-site fitness program has never been easier!


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