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Be Cool This Summer With These Workout Ideas

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 26 June 2018

In case you haven't noticed, Summer is upon us!
When the Summer hits-- It's easy to run for cover aka. the indoors where the air conditioning is pumping.
However, if you are used to working out in nature, you might get bored after a couple of weeks or sooner.
No fear, we're here to rescue you from the dreaded treadmill and the flourecent lights, with these three Summer-proof workout ideas.
Beat the heat with these workouts:
Rainy day workout.
As long as it isn't thundering and lightening, a rainy day might be the best time to get your Summer workout on outside. Running, biking or a body weight strength workout is very doable on a rainy day without the risk of over heating.
Think of it as a sprinkler system via mother nature.
Hit the pool for a jog.
The same intervals you use on your favorite hill sprints can easily transer over to the pool. Simply set your favorite timer app for HIIT or Tabata. Alternating periods of high speed running, jogging in the pool with bouts of rest or walking.
This works for any depth pool. Our favorite app is the Seconds app.
Head to a shaded park with lots of trees.
If you can hit the trail in the early morning or evening, you will beat the sun. Most parks have challenges along the trail that you can mix in with a run or jog to get a total-body workout in all in one place.
Normally, it's much cooler in the shade especially earlier or later in the day.
No matter what workouts you choose to get you through the Summer heat-- remember to:

  • hydrate by drinking water through the day
  • apply sunscreen 
  • dress apprpriately with light colored clothing 

Take the necessary precautions to make it through your workout in the heat SAFELY.
Even though the heat can be a great way to challenge yourself and get some vitamin D, consider reducing the time and intensity of your outdoor workouts during this season, especially when temps are very high (above 80 degrees C).
Remember to use your judgement and stay in doors if it's just too hot or humid outside to exercise.
Who do you know that needs Summer workout tips?
Share with them before they melt and also let us know how you plan to stay fit this Summer.


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