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7 Creative Ways to Avoid Weight Gain While Quarantined

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 23 March 2020


7 Creative Ways to Avoid Weight Gain While Quarantined


While it might feel like the holidays all over again if you are stuck at home with NO gym, we can still head into the Summer healthy and fit! Put these to use today.



1. Make a daily plan 


Adults need structure just like kids, who are home from school. So, set reminders on your phone so that you stay on track.



2. Include movement


Yes keeping working out, and also reduce sitting, get LOTS of daily activity —aim for 12,000+ steps daily.



3. Make yourself an eating schedule


Stick to an eating window of 12 hours or less, with specific eating times and stick to it! No outside snacking or trips to the fridge.



4. Watch less TV


TV has LOADS of unhealthy food ads to keep you hungry and wanting more of the worst-for-you foods. The more you watch, the more you eat.



5. Include FUN daily activities 


That are challenging and keep you feeling good, not focused on food. Think about a 15 minute break including coloring, playing with the kids, creating things or a quick read.



6. Plan your treats ahead of time 


Enjoy a sweet treat sometimes, don’t cut them out completely nor binge, being human is part of the fun of life.



7. Stay in contact with your fit friends! 


Use zoom, Facetime or even a message thread to let each other know that you are staying on top of your fitness goals.


Let’s use this social distancing break to increase physical health, energy & self care so that we are even better when we return to the new normal!


What ways are you planning to have your healthiest COVID-19 quarantine?



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