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5 Delicious & Nutritious Noodle Alternatives You Must Try

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 30 September 2018

It's a great time to be alive and hungry for healthy food.
Move over traditional pasta, even the options we already know and love are being put to the comparion test today.
We all know & love spaghetti squash and zoodles but now there are even more HEALTHY, delicious pasta free noodle options than ever!
There is nothing wrong with pasta but what if there are some other ways to eat this fun food that have more nutrition, flavor AND flexibility in your meals. 
Hold onto your seat because we are diving into 5 noodle alternatives for dinner, lunch & snack attacks.
1. Black Bean noodles
These noodles get two thumbs up because they literally have two ingredients. Black beans and water. Super simple and delicious with almost any sauce or creative meal idea. You can actually find these online, search, buy and eat as soon as possible.
2. Sweet Potato noodles
All you need is a sweet potato and a spiralizer! Seems to work better if you cut the potato in half and get on with the spiralizing. You could also use a shaver for wide noodles. Get creative.
3. Beet Spirals
These work really nicely in a soup recipe and pair deliciously with cheese or walnuts. Either way this is a healthy option you will come back to over and over.
4. Chickpea Pasta
Chickpea noodles are recent on the scene and a bit chewier than traditional pasta. This is one of the most versatile on the list as the flavor could go with any of your favorite pasta dishes virtually undetected.
5. Shirataki Noodles
This low calorie, high fiber pasta option is super filling and nutrition packed. It is Asian inspired so consider swapping out any chinese or thai dish with this alternative. The noodles are translucent which may or may not be your thing but worh a try!
Next, grab your favorite pasta recipe and get to mixing things up with one (or two) of these options in your meal prep this week. Then come back and let us know how it went.
Enjoy and share with a friend that needs some fresh food inspiration!


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