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3 Simple Steps to Balance Your Work & Life

By LSE Health and ... - Posted on 17 May 2018

No matter the season-- Spring, Summer, Holidays or even back to school...
Work/life balance is still a top request from many of our members just like you.
You're not alone AND there is hope!
Feeling overwhelm is a sign that it's time to make some changes not only for your optimal health and wellness but also for your productivity at work.
When others depend on you at home or work, you must take care of yourself, so you can also be there for them FULLY.
On a plane, this is why we are instructed to put on our oxygen mask FIRST because only then can we truly help others... without passing out!
We know it's not easy to juggle a full work schedule, family, hobbies (what is that?) AND your health--
However, it can be done.
Take a deep breath and test one or all of these tips TODAY, so that you can begin to feel like yourself again.
1. Regain control of your schedule before it controls you!
The idea that we get more done with multi-tasking is a myth. Our brains just don't work that way.
Every time we start a new task our brain has to switch gears and this takes a lof of energy.
Chunking is a proven time management hack that works at home and in the office.
Chunk specific tasks, such as a 30 minute chunk to write your monthly report or 30 minutes after lunch to check and respond to e-mails. All without interruptions, so turn off your cell phone if needed.
The idea is to remain in control by focusing all of your energy on one main goal, so you don't have to start and stop repeatedly.
This also applies to concepts like meal prepping and even devoting time on Sunday evening to schedule family time, task chunking and workouts for the upcoming week.
You might even consider finding someone to help with some of your less complicated tasks, which brings us to the next tip.
2. Outsource tasks as needed.
There are many options for outsourcing these days and for minimal cost!
Check Craig's list for affordable lawn care, check with your fitness center staff for a meal prepping service OR hire that housekeeper to come every other week.
Before you say it's too expensive-- check the pricing and also calculate the cost savings from the time you are currently investing.
This is a big secret and major productivity hack of the most successful leaders-- they know it's impossible to do everything WELL.
Stick to what you do well and BE WELL instead of just being busy. 
Begin to notice that people who stay very busy are usually so stressed, and focused on things like e-mail, that they rarely get their most important work done well.
3. Complete your most important priorities FIRST.
I saved the best for last-- Start the day with your highest priorities.
Close your eyes and imagine accomplishing something, such as a workout, early in the day before you even get to your desk.
This will set you up for success for the rest of the day!
Let alone boost your mood while interacting with clients and co-workers.
Make a list of your 3 top priorities at the beginning of each day and complete the most important item FIRST.
This tip alone can change your life and everything it touches.
Enjoy working smarter, not harder and let us know what has worked for you in balancing your work/life.
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